Brooke Thomas

About Living Unglossed

Living Unglossed  looks for ways to take back the glossy curation of authenticity with messy and real discussions. Through these tangles, we learn to connect and exchange the unvarnished truths of our lives with vulnerability, honesty, and humor and find ways to weather the storms and (sometimes) thrive. My hope is that sharing the unglossed human experience will encourage deeper connections in a more humanly spiritual way.


We are humans who desire more than easy answers and glossy endings. No matter gender identity, race, creed, class, age (and all of the things that humans define as differences), we all experience the woundedness and loneliness of being imperfect humans, and no list of must-haves, formal religious dogmas, or self-help programs can ultimately ‘cure’ these pains. Having raw conversations wrestling with these core experiences can lead to a greater connection to ourselves, each other, and true celebrations of our uniquely messy lives.


Cue the adage "not all who wander are lost" (thanks, Tolkien). With an undergraduate degree in Communication (U of Dayton) and an MA in Religious Studies (Fordham), I spent the early years of my adult life as a youth counselor, campus minister, teacher, and community service leader. After some personally very messy times, I have transitioned to an assistant in corporate America but am most deeply interested in hearing and sharing our stories of life's joys and messes and how to embrace living--no matter how imperfectly. I no longer adhere to a formal religious tradition or spiritual practice nor to the supernatural but do believe we are grappling with the light and dark of life and sharing these experiences with each other is a new way to define a "spiritual experience".