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I Just Can't Get Started...

This is the part I have been dreading, sitting down and trying to write something that was inspiring and profound. After months of researching other blogs (procrastinating), perfecting the website (procrastinating), reading authors I admire (more procrastinating), I have finally decided to do something and it feels like the words that I am typing are literally being dragged from my fingers. So, here we are with my first blog post (hopefully of many).

When I thought about what I wanted to write in my first post, I was going for something really thoughtful---something that would pull at your guts and give you that warm wash of insight. I toyed with discussing empathy (something I desperately need for myself and others). Why not talk about how we should all try a little harder to recognize our shared humanity? Things are volatile and people are divided (we’re less than a month out from an insurrection and still fighting about masks and safety protocols, of all things). We are also entering a year of pandemic living and all the fears (social, health, and economic) that have come with it. But, talking about compassion for your neighbor is awfully hard when the inside job of having some grace with yourself often seems untenable.

But, fear not. I’ll eventually talk about all these hard things that we grapple with as humans. Living Unglossed is about these messy processes and hard conversations and living with incomplete answers. And, some of the things that are hard about life are how we get started and slip and slide until we might get a little footing on the journey (at least until the terrain changes, again). I wished I could say that I have formula for how I started all of this, but I don’t. No amount of culling other’s blogs, (endlessly) talking about best practices for getting started, or times of meditation and reflection were the final answer that gave me that jolt of inspiration. I am sure they helped but eventually you just have to dive into whatever it is you want and muddle your way to a clearer path. This isn’t a rah-rah just get started and you’ll feel just fine cheer. It’s real time in showing how hard the getting started can be but that messiness and discomfort doesn’t have to be the end. A little understanding with yourself that starting anything is scary and uncertain is the softness that cushions the hard. And, with that, I guess I did learn a little about having empathy for myself (and hopefully some to share with others).

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